Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pam's evaluation

Today I had my post observation evaluation with our Vice Principal. She observed my social communications class. This class has 5 students who are on the high end of the Autism scale. They are not in my life skills class, but they are in need of social skills. They are writing a Sci-Fi book together. It is a great project for them because normally they stay to themselves and don't participate in their general education classes. Anyway, I sounded like I was ready to be translated to the educators hall of fame by the time I finished with my interview. It was really humbling to think that someone thinks I am a great teacher.

How I spent Halloween 2011

Ian, Stuart and Andy displayed their handiwork

Here is Andy after taking his makeup off. He was to scary for Heidi.

Stuart is on the Griffindor Team

Grandpa and Fisher

Grandma and Heidi

Grandpa and Noah share a silly moment

Noah and his light saber take up the fight.

Heidi has a secret.

Andy carves his way into my heart

Stuart is an expert carver of pumpkins

Grandma didn't get quite enough of this boy.

Posted by PicasaA great weekend was had by all.