Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here is my new rug

The great room is moving towards completion. We had so much fun with our grandchildren and children. We always miss the ones who aren't here. This year we were grateful no one was traveling by air. Seatac was a mess. It was hard enough to get over the mountains. Luckily everyone is safely home.

Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

Checking Kami's Blog
Computer for Dad
D&D for the boys
Carolyn completing on a 7 year old quilt top

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive on Overhulse Road

Cooking and eating together on Christmas Eve

Craig made a delicious prime rib!!!!!
Alex shows us how to flip the peirogi.
Carolyn makes hollandaise sauce for the asparagus
Adam and Ian consult on the finer points of Alex's cooking
We all savor our wonderful efforts

Caroling Together

Christmas Day

Read Ian's blog for details on the arrival of Santa. Stuart is once again a believer all because of Steve and Liz. We have had a wonderful Christmas. Craig and I love having our kids share their families with us. I know it is difficult to leave home at Christmas, but with our new room we had plenty of room for everyone. I so appreciate our daughters-in law and son-in-law. We are so blessed. As we watch you all as parents we are pleased that you are much better than we were, your traditions are wonderful to hear about. We were grateful that Kelly and Adam made it here and back home again. The 18 inches of snow is turning to slush and they had taken their chains off and almost couldn't get down Overhulse Road. It was certainly a slipping and sliding thrill ride. The women took off at noon to go to the theater to watch Twilight. Kami drove because she had chains on her car, she was amazing. I loved the movie and now I can see why the girls around the world are in love with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More Christmas Eve photos

Andy and Adam check for Santa's Progress he is now in Portugual!!!!
Grandpa plays with Noah and Stuart and Stan's arm.

Stan is chasing Grandpa with the help of Andy.
We are having a wonderful Christmas Eve. (well all of us except Ian) Kami, Kelly, Carolyn and I had our pedicures this morning. We had to take Kami's car with the chains on it to get to the nail place. Then we went to Border Books and out to lunch. Last we made it to Top Foods for our final food run. Now everyone is cooking up a storm in preparation for our feast. We are missing the Wellings and Shaun and Jenni's family.

Christmas Eve Preparation

Ian is sick!!!!
Jacob is baking rolls!!! Yummm!
Alex makes peirogi!!
Mackenzie and Stuart play in the 18 inches of snow.

More snow!!!!!