Sunday, June 22, 2008

How I Met Your Father

October 27, 1969 I know you have heard the story, but I want to put it down for posterity.
I was engaged to man named Terry Stuart, he was coming to Provo to take me to the Homecoming celebrations. A week before he had to cancel because of business. I was devastated, I had a new dress that I had made and I wanted to go to the dance.
My good friend who I worked with was lending a listening ear. Next thing I knew I was answering the door to my apartment and there stood my afore mentioned friend with her brother in tow. "I have a book I want to lend you," says Chris "and by the way this is my brother Craig."
Chris had left a message for Craig saying she had a friend she wanted him to take to Homecoming and she would pay him. He thought that meant I was a real dog so he got dates to everything except the Cowsill's concert (who would want to see them or who knows them?)
Well Craig called me that night and asked me to the concert. We had no expectations, he knew I was engaged. Well.....we had a wonderful time. I did wonder why he was talking so much about his high school band...oh, he was only 18, I was a mature 20.
I went home that night Terry had called, I told him I had met someone else and we broke our engagement. Later the next week I called Craig and invited him over for some Pumpkin Pie. He recently told me that if I hadn't done that he would never have called me, because he knew I was engaged.
I had been praying to Heavenly Father for months that he would send a nice LDS guy for me to date. He heard my prayers and answered them better than I could every imagine.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My first post

We had a day of Champions and we were great. Coryanne in the red jacket ran down the long jump trail and put her toe in the sand.